Nine Eleven

We must speak the truth about terror. Let us never tolerate outrageous conspiracy theories concerning the attacks of September the 11th

9/11 Eye Witness

9/11 has been one of the terrifying incidents in many people’s lives and that fateful day has affected people in ways you cannot imagine. Peter Johnson who was working on one of the towers when the plane crashed into the building says that it is hard to explain how he felt as he was in such a shock. Peter happened to be working on the 77th floor, and he told how he had run to the 78th floor but decided to come back to his office. Apparently, the 78th floor in which he was standing previously had been obliterated a few minutes after he had left. He says that if he had not returned to his office, he wouldn’t be alive today.

Improbable Collapse : The Demolition of our Republic

The twin towers were disintegrated on September 11th 2011, like it was some kind of precisely planned demolition. On that fateful day, about 3000 people were killed, and about 400 first responders including fire-fighters, police officers, EMTs had sacrificed their lives to save others.  Even after so many years of the incident it still terrifies the people of America, and the cold-blooded murder of innocent lives will never be forgotten.

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Flight Compensation – How The 9/11 Victims Funds Are Calculated

Flight Compensation – How The 9/11 Victims Funds Are Calculated

One of the most memorable dates in the history of the United States is 9/11 or September the 11th. This was when American Airlines Flight 11 and United Airlines Flight 175 crashed into the twin towers. No-one can deny the victims are entitled to this compensation, this is no simple matter either, it’s certainly not as simple no win no fee flight delay compensation. It requires government intervention.

In September this year, the US will mark 17 years since the falling of the Twin Towers, and still many people feel as if the event happened only a few days ago. According to National Statistics, despite the explosion occurring in a corporate location, thousands of Lower Manhattan residents have developed many medical conditions as a result of exposure to the debris from that fateful day. This is in addition to recovery personnel, office workers, and rescue workers at Ground Zero.

To assist people who suffer from conditions because of the 9/11 attack, the United States Government passed a Health and Compensation Act in 2010 called the Zadroga Bill. It was a testament to NYPD detective, James Zadroga, who developed pulmonary fibrosis because of his exposure to the toxic chemicals at Ground Zero. The Zadroga Bill further helped individuals through the creation of the September 11th Victim Compensation Fund or VCF – a federal fund offering financial compensation to individuals who are diagnosed with physical conditions as a result of the chemicals from the 9/11 explosion. This article will provide information on how the compensation 9/11 victims’ funds are calculated.

How Is A Victim Defined?

To be considered a “victim” under the VCF, the individual needs to have been present at the site of attacks to sustain injury or develop a condition as a result of exposure to the toxins emitted at Ground Zero. Victims can live in the Lower Manhattan area, could have worked as a first responder to the 9/11 attacks, could have attended school in the area, or may have visited the located at any period within 9 months from the 9/11 attack.

What Are The Injury Statistics For The Victims?

Reports find that the majority of people experiencing injury and disease as a result of the 9/11 attack are the first responders in the event. According to a published study for the Office of Medical Affairs in 2010 at the New York City Fire Department, 5,000 rescue workers were first responders to the attack and approximately 10 percent of the workers had an impairment in their respiratory functioning. It was also found that these individuals had minor or no improvement within 6 years. The 2010 study also found that approximately 40 percent of rescue workers reported persistent respiratory problems, and 20 percent (as of publishing) was diagnosed with a permanent respiratory disability.

Another published study conducted in 2006 by Mount Sinai Hospital indicated that approximately 70 percent of the relief workers at Ground Zero experience chronic lung conditions. According to predictions, it is stated that workers who inhaled toxic air at Ground Zero lose approximately 12 years of their overall lung functioning.

What Is The VCF And How Can You Make A Claim?

The 9/11 Victim Compensation Fund offers victims of the September 11th attack compensation for their injuries. It can also be used to compensate relatives of the victims who have died as a consequence of the 9/11 attack. To make a claim for VCF, it is necessary to submit a claim application form with several supporting documents. If the claim application is completed incorrectly or there are insufficient supporting documents, then the claim will be indicated as “inactive” and a review will only continue once the missing information is provided. This is why it is recommended one use a professional attorney to assist with the claim application procedure.

All claimants need to meet specific eligibility conditions to be considered for victim funds compensation. Firstly, the individual needs to provide evidence that they meet the description of a victim and were living in the designated area during the designated timeframe. For medical conditions to be considered the condition needs to be certified by the WTC Health Program and this requires an official diagnosis from a certified doctor. A copy of the certification letter needs to be submitted along with the VCF claim application.

As can be seen, it is possible to gain compensation for 9/11 victim funds; however, it is important to meet certain criteria before any compensation can be obtained. Using the information above, you can determine if you meet the criteria and if this suits your needs.

September 11 attacks | Facts & Information

September 11 attacks | Facts & Information

September 11th, 2011. This day is etched with painful memories in all our hearts. Probably the most cited example when one sect of humanity failed the rest of humanity. Millions across the world were shocked at what had happened. Gruesome, cold-blooded murder of thousands of innocent people cut through all our hearts. This incident may have occurred and affected the United States the most, but the waves of this violent act reached far and wide, across the world – our hearts bled, we wept.

Even after 17 years, many questions arise in our minds at the slightest mention of this incident. How could anyone even think of doing such a dastardly act? Was it the failure of the government to provide security to its citizens? Or was it just another act of revengeful cowardice? But somewhere, answers to these questions don’t matter. Because what matters was that lives were lost – Fathers were lost, mothers were lost, families were shattered, the youth of the nation was lost. And this unbearable loss was, and will forever be irreplaceable.

Even after 17 years, the sight of those two towers – standing tall, in all their pride- coming crashing down is heart-wrenching. 102 minutes of utter chaos rattled the United States, while the rest of the world was left dumbfounded. And this state of disbelief swept over all the nations in the world, encompassing us all in grief – that in some way or the other was known to us all.

But keeping this side apart, what warmed hearts was how people helped each other, how even the common man risked his life to save others in need, how the rest of the world was praying for the United States – and all of this combined was a tight slap on the faces of the cowards who dared to carry out this act of terror. Keeping aside all our differences as nations, as humans of different sects and races, we stood united – not allowing such acts of cowardice to weaken our definition of humanity, which was way better than what these terrorists unsuccessfully tried to impose upon us all. The true spirit of global citizenship came alive, and together, we were able to beat out all the dark cloud of negativity.

And while we’ve come to remember this day, our hearts go out to the bereaved families, to give them the strength to go on – like they have – for the past 17 years.