September 11th, 2011. This day is etched with painful memories in all our hearts. Probably the most cited example when one sect of humanity failed the rest of humanity. Millions across the world were shocked at what had happened. Gruesome, cold-blooded murder of thousands of innocent people cut through all our hearts. This incident may have occurred and affected the United States the most, but the waves of this violent act reached far and wide, across the world – our hearts bled, we wept.

Even after 17 years, many questions arise in our minds at the slightest mention of this incident. How could anyone even think of doing such a dastardly act? Was it the failure of the government to provide security to its citizens? Or was it just another act of revengeful cowardice? But somewhere, answers to these questions don’t matter. Because what matters was that lives were lost – Fathers were lost, mothers were lost, families were shattered, the youth of the nation was lost. And this unbearable loss was, and will forever be irreplaceable.

Even after 17 years, the sight of those two towers – standing tall, in all their pride- coming crashing down is heart-wrenching. 102 minutes of utter chaos rattled the United States, while the rest of the world was left dumbfounded. And this state of disbelief swept over all the nations in the world, encompassing us all in grief – that in some way or the other was known to us all.

But keeping this side apart, what warmed hearts was how people helped each other, how even the common man risked his life to save others in need, how the rest of the world was praying for the United States – and all of this combined was a tight slap on the faces of the cowards who dared to carry out this act of terror. Keeping aside all our differences as nations, as humans of different sects and races, we stood united – not allowing such acts of cowardice to weaken our definition of humanity, which was way better than what these terrorists unsuccessfully tried to impose upon us all. The true spirit of global citizenship came alive, and together, we were able to beat out all the dark cloud of negativity.

And while we’ve come to remember this day, our hearts go out to the bereaved families, to give them the strength to go on – like they have – for the past 17 years.